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A Goddess Narrative

When the moon begins to float away And the sun rises in the west When Pluto is one planet away from earth And there’s a rainstorm on Venus When we find water on a star And the Tides are higher than all skyscrapers When the soil is no longer fertile And the Roses still grow When a Spreading Fire extinguishes the oceans And a Mouse is the first one to…


It closes behind me, yet the hum of sound still penetrates the walls of the Sun, though it quickly fades as I slowly move away. I have spent a turbulent time in parallel. In poesis, sympoesis, together-poetry. In (non)sense-making, sensing, sensuality and sensitivity. And I treasure the memories. Of the first entry, in early spring, of the questions leading to a story, a story defining the inside of me. Questions…


Leaving the sun, is like leaving a warm fireplace, letting go of an embrace from an old friend or maybe even exiting the womb from where all life have its entry point. I leave with my glittering sneakers in one hand, soft pink fluffy llama notebook in the other and my eyes fixed on the first of two red doors you have to open, before natural sunlight will hit my…


Moon Rose

(I want to grow in you and you in me) “She lives in the deep oak forest, in the holy moon cave; from here she protects and heals all life. Diana, the wild primordial woman, soul of the forest, she is the hunter. She is the darkness. She is the savage. She is the deep moon seat of the Earth. She is queen of the witches.” . I bathed and…