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The Guardian

Endless steps like ticking seconds of a clock infinite hours Steps and staircases in a spiderweb’s tangled maze Paths for getting lost and being found The deep breath of a corridor blows out the light of one candle, another ignites another time, another place Infinite stories flow through my stairs, my shelves The blood in my veins Pieces and memories of life and love as old as time itself Protected…

The Phoenix

I am The Phoenix. My wings are of fire and my tears are of hope. I move through countless cycles of death and rebirth during my time on earth. My first death reduced me to coal and ashes, but after some time, I was embraced by a motherly wing and was cried back to life. Her tears had healing powers which cleansed my perished coals and ignited a new fire….

The Green

In the dark and cold depths of the ground I was born as a single seed. The darkness was my world, the cold was my everything. It was my home. But slowly I started to grow. At first I only grew in the dark, but then one day. Warmth. I had met the shell of the earth, and an unfamiliar feeling had penetrated my dark home. Even though everything in…

Abyss / New Born

Now fading Touch turning into fingers melting into skin Burning through flesh Marking our bodies … like ash traces like sod from The Spreading Fire Transitioning Going, going, gone I have only just begun Oh how sorrowful and exciting this parting Sounds of tears and snorts coming from my right As we sigh our goodbyes visually impaired Am I mist clouding my insides blurring vision blocking out .. preventing me…

Existing (pocketed)

Somewhere in between mouthfuls I look up. I look up and catch your eyes across the table. Mid-air, hovering wet. Break. Break. With a breath I pluck them both, scoop them up from somewhere above the water pitcher, and put them in my pocket safe. Blinking, we continue. – Punch lines delivered backs of hands kissed stories shared, ripe and full skins shining red This songs melody dogged and swerving…