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Transition of the seasons

A year has passed since the academy manifested in Copenhagen. Some of us are still here. Are you? The shadows fall differently in the autumn, as the sweet tast of summer takes leave. This is an invitation to gather, briefly, yet without haste. To mark the coming of the darkness of the season. Do you wish to leave something behind in this transition? Write it down on a note, or…

The splitters

May women who cut people heads off who live freely whose fingers are stinky who wipe on their dresses their bloody nails be cursed Ambre.

The Crack

The Crack is moving further. Listen to the silent noise – like a creaking iceberg just before calving. It is time to investigate the intersection between light and darkness – the land of sorrows, frustrations, death and relief – the place where seeking, touch and sensations is your compass into the unknown. The lines of the crack are not straight. Let the feet move, lean back, and you will bee…

Anyone here?

Hello Are you there? This is what I, this individual, back to being that – walking and talking in the world outside – would like to tell you. Do you want to listen? Because I will tell you anyway. I would like to say that I would like to tell you that / I want to / stop / I want to / stop / saying / this / to…

Space circles and circles in the Space

Time is the circle. Moving forward, looking for the answers. Maybe yes, maybe no. The print will tell you a story, an act something else. Water floats everywhere and Water Lily dreams of you.