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17. September 2015

Hi Maj

How was your stay at Sisters Academy?

I’m still moved by my visit there, the fictionally world they had build was really interesting.. I had really difficult to leave the place haha. I’m still really inspired and can feel a change in my body, but I’m not sure what to do with it? A weird wonder.. but this was a really different experience than other theaters I have been to, I feel more than ever a need to talk about it and to connect with people been involved to it. It felt like it was a opportunity to meet new people. How did you feel about it?

It feels a little bit more difficult to talk about it now, the magic got broken when I came back to the ”real world” and my mind is just telling me that it was fiction. But as I said there; you act more in ”the real world” than in this play.

About my way back to Värmland it was not as interesting as my way from there. I was mostly in sleep and the time was before me so I was a lot in rush to get on train and bus. But I was feeling inspiring after the weekend and was looking into future more than the past.

It was very nice meeting you there

Best regards


Hi Adrian

It’s so nice to hear from you and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me!

Ha ha, I too were sleeping in the train and when I arrived I kept on sleeping for 10 more hours!

It was really hard for me too to leave the place. So glad that they made such a beautiful ceremony out of it. I also feel very much like talking about it. I’ve already been thinking a lot!

You are right, it’s difficult to maintain that wonderful feeling out in the real world. I just want to go back. But perhaps one of the things we could take with us is to try to transform the outer world with inspiration from sisters academy – with the immersement and focus on the senses and awareness if ourselves and others.

Please, do let me know if you come to Copenhagen…. Perhaps, when we meet we should wear our uniform, simply to make the gap from the boarding school a little less devastating :)

Good night!



5. november 2015

Hi Maj

I will soon go to Copenhagen and that made me think of you. How are you doing?

Sisters Academy does feel like an old memory and the excitement about it has somewhen disappeared and new distraction have been taking focus. But thats boring!

It would still be very fun to meet you in Copenhagen and talk about that day, if it did somehow change the future; the thoughts; the behavior; the interactions..etc.

My plan is to be in Copenhagen around the 17th of November and stay there for about a week, then I will continue my travel southward to Germany.



Hi Adrian

So nice to hear from you!

I would love to meet you – and talk about our experiences at Sisters Academy, and much more.

Do you have a place to stay? I live in a flat in the centre of the city, I have a tenant, so It’s pretty small, but you are welcome to stay on a mattress in my room if you want? It’s just about as tight as the dormitory at Sisters Academy

Many good wishes,