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Flame’s testimonial – Sensuous Learning School

I have done a school of being a body. More than I have ever been taught about being a human with a body in all of my school days. Now we graduate after life months. My body sense it as a lifetime indeed. How poetic expressed. Life months of a school of sensuous learning.

What I have learned in this school will still be paying of life months, life years, for lifetime, I’m sure of that. I remember my insecurity in finding the name of my poetic self and the fear of making a definite decision about it relying on my impulse. Without any further argumentation of right and wrong…

And now…

I’m moving different. Now I’m no longer walking around in the room – I am moving through the room. I look for questions rather than answers. I have trained and discovered plenty of languages which existence I was not very conscious about but yet discovered that I possess the ability to speak. The ability living within my body just waiting to be investigated and expressed.


I have opened other channels to my heart for myself to speak honestly in ways I thought would take a lifetime to learn. And could you imagine to discover so many open gateways to your heart by reinforce a mystery about who you are… well, I could not.

To stay in order to change

To close my eyes in order to see more depths

To stay silent in order to speak more clear and even louder

To take distance in order to come closer

To fill up a room in order to make space for others

To make frames to gain more freedom

To be uncomfortable to find yourself comfortable

To do what you are scared of the most to find more and deeper safety

Now, I see myself in another way, I can see myself in several ways, and I have never seen a more clear picture of myself.

I thought I was going to find a path but I found a starting point with ways to discover 360 degrees around me.


I take many beautiful pictures of the world with me, and my body sparkles with gratitude of holding these memories within me. I could never have imagined the world to appear like this, I have never been overwhelmed by such beauty before. I have been taught tools to experience this. I learned about using my senses to investigate and learn from the world around me and within me and especially from the people around me. I learned a common poetic language which had brought me closer to the many gifts of the world and the people in it. It is a common saying that something opens your eyes but this school haven’t just opened my eyes – I doesn’t do it justice – no it has opened my eyes, my mouth, my ears, my nose, my skin, my body, my mind, my hands, my feet, my knowledge, my understanding, my interpretation, my language, my relating, my look, my world, my emotions, my expressions, what I take and what I give, my inner potential, my heart has been opened.


What means a lot to me at last, is to share this experience with a poetic collective self that The Sad Dancer, The Weaver, The Drop and I all formed together – shaped over time by several sparkling teachers – an to see all of our different poetry being expressed in a common language, yet so unique and different – understanding each other and enrichen each other, everyone sparkling in their own individual way, not separately but collectively lifting each other to sparkle so.

I learned from The (W)Hole that our own expressions is a gift for the surrounding world.

I learned from The Flow how to stay can be a way to move.

I learned from Ekko to listen in order to discover new languages.

I learned from The Dramaturg how less guidance is enriching and raise everyone’s value for oneself to see it clearer.

I learned from The Untamed to see my own strength

Journey Man was eyes for me to make me see the value of my own enthusiasm. He was eyes that followed my development and shed light on it.

I learned from The Link to trust in time and to find comfort in patience.

I learned from The Sister the gift and many layers of a poetic and visual expression.

I learned about strength from The Sad Dancer,

about devoted care from The Weaver,

about beauty from The Drop

and I am deeply proud of them and my gratitude to them is a neverending flame.


Since the first insecurity, I have yelled and whispered and expressed my name many times many different ways – I say it proudly and with warmth and love and with deep gratitude


The Flame