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I need time… I can´t speak just feel…. So let me try to explane some of my experiences…

I had a feeling of one house full of peopel like me….peopel that think that the body the sences and the hart show you the rigth way throu this life.

I had some pure beuty meetings with other souls at sisters academy. When I treat a person the body was already open and worked with me and my hands was even more sensative than usual… I feel sutch a big thankfullness…thankfull for the fact that those peopel let me feel there inner deep, invited my soul in to tutch there soul in the time we spend together…

My own soul get energy to go strong and stabil out of the school. To help me express myself and what I need and want in life. I get big vision about creating a place where heling is possibel heling throu the senses and body work and not only medicins. A holistic place working with the body, nature, animals, food, art, training, meditation, reflections and sielens… A place for body minded peopel to have the best suroundings to recover from stress and over load… A refugium a holistic stress clinic..

Thank´s for all that you gave me……form my deep of my soul….Her Spirit