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My experience with Sisters Academy, Mads Baltzer Stanley

My experience with Sisters Academy

The first day of Sisters Academy met me with great surprise. The very first thing that I did after stepping into the universe, was to communicate with a man named The Silence. We sat with him for a very long time chatting, and the funny thing about it was; we didn’t say a word!
After this I was hungry after more. I found it extremely fascinating, as if I was in a whole other universe, away from everyday life, away from responsibilities. When you walked around you could hear all kinds of different sounds, some of them relaxing, some of them soothing, some of them even a little scary. This was a part of the experience I think. To sense it all. I sat down with The Gardener, and we started talking. He was wonderful to be around, and he had a very calm aura around him. When you sat there, and you listened to him, you fell into a sort of trance. I could sit for thirty minutes and listen to this man, and this comes from a guy that can’t sit on chair for five minutes before getting distracted. He talked about everything, he opened a whole new chain of thoughts in my head. He opened doors I didn’t think I could ever open. I asked him one day, what do you think the answer will be? What’s your conclusion? He looked up, stared into my eyes and after some time, he simply answered: There is none.
This answer defined the whole thing for me. I understood Sisters Academy right at that moment, like I got the answer, by getting no answer.
For me this will be in my mind for a very long time. Sisters Academy didn’t try to change anything. They experienced, they asked questions, but they didn’t want the answer, and why would they? Would everything become any better?
To try something new was what they tried. And to try something new we surely did. I found that the best way to think about things is to not find any conclusion. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s my conclusion.