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Sisters Academy, Greenland

Sisters Academy, Greenland as part of PSi #19

Sisters Hope has been invited to manifest a Sisters Academy in Nuuk, Greenland, as part of  The North Atlantic Cluster at PSi #19

When Sisters Academy manifests in Greenland it will be as a part of Fluid States North within the overall framework of PSi #19 – Performances of UnKnowing:

Performances of UnKnowing, a decentralized conference which – instead of inviting participants to a single location which will always be difficult for some to get to – invites them to participate live or online in local conference, symposium and performance programs across Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas and the Pacific throughout the year.

Fluid States North, the North Atlantic cluster at PSi 2015, further invites you to explore island life conditions and possibilities through telematic presence and sensuous experience. Fluid States North is a communication platform that binds together places and people across the widespread area of the North Atlantic region. Considering the tensions between the global and the local, Fluid States North aims at creating nearness and connectedness despite distance and to provide frames for people to meet and exchange in new modes of communication.

Sisters Hope has been invited to contribute with a Sisters Academy in Nuuk, Greenland, which has a diverse range of participatory options – Also see:

PSi participation: Call for Participation available here.

Participatory options unfolded in the call:

  • Enrole as student at the school to explore new and more sensuous modes of knowledge production.
  • Be engaged as substitute teacher to develop new tools of evoking sensuous modes of knowledge production.
  • Be an artist in residence unfolding your own work within the frame of Sisters Academy.
  • Be a researcher in residence and use Sisters Academy as a case study.

Where: Nuuk, Greenland
When: 15-21, 2015
Local collaborators: to be announced in 2014.
Telematic collaborators: to be announced in 2014.
Telematic platform: shipping containers transformed into a classroom

Fluid States North will involve two shipping containers to facilitate the telematic presence and one of these will be placed at Sisters Academy, Nuuk, Greenland. Here it will provide a platform for telematic interaction with the three other events: Pantopia Telematic Encounters in Faroe Islands, Fluid States – Solid Food in Copenhagen, and Fluid Sounds in Copenhagen. In Sisters Academy Sisters Hope invites participants to engage within a series of options: to enroll as a student, to engage as a substitute teacher, to be an artists in residence, to be a researcher in residence, or to do talks and panels within the otherworldly frames of Sisters Academy.

When the container arrives in Nuuk it will be installed as a classroom at the school for three days. In this classroom the focus will be on digital learning and address the question of how to create an intimate learning environment even though there might be distance between ‘teacher’ and ‘student’. The content of the container will have four overall curatorial trails:

  1. A teacher from Thorshavn will be conducting classes that a transferred into the container in Nuuk. In collaboration with  Rammatik based on the Faroe Islands
  2. The Sisters will curate classes by local teachers, artists and visiting artists and researchers. As the overall aim of Sisters Academy is to evoke new more sensuous modes of knowledge production they will investigate the role of the sensuous and sense-activating and how to evoke this from a distance and through digital media. The question on how to do this will be passed on to the teachers conduction classes and the visiting artists. Experiments where the senses are sought activated from a distance will be carried out. These are facilitated in an interaction with the teacher from Thorshavn.
  3. Olav Harsløv, amongst other co-founder of Performance Design, Roskilde University, will curate local artists and scholars and invite them to address questions that are of importance to them in the container in a close dialogue with  The Sisters. As all the other content this will be transferred to the container in Thorshavn, who will integrate these questions and matters in to their teaching.
  4. The content yet UnKnown – Brought to Sisters Academy through the participation of PSi – Also see call for participation here.