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Sisters at Inkonst – First drop

Sisters Academy – the School of a Sensuous society: Performance drop #01, an evening with performance lecture, dinner and feast.

Inkonst will  be the venue on which Sisters Hope reflect on the work and process of Sisters Academy. Sisters Hope will visit Inkonst three times before the grand finale and at this first ”sensuous drop” will performatively reflect on the first Sisters Academy which will manifest at a school in Fyn in February 2014. The performance reflections will dissolve into a sensuous dinner and feast, striving to activate and increase the poetic presence among the participants.

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A guest left this message on the subject ‘poetic self’ for the sister and the staff:
“List of things that makes me connect to my poetic self (In no specific order, and as for now) – imagine myself really small on everyday objects, such as on the edge of my bookshelf gazing” at the epic view of the room – growing plants and take cuttings to give away – tarot studies – gender fluidity – Bellovodia and other legends of forgotten civilizations – playing an instrument – listen and pay great attention to every sound as a sound and not as an object – collect small things to keep as treasures in a special place – play – invent games – walk around in the city – as a total kindness patrol – writing down dreams and/or place them on a map of the world where they take place – treehouses – being in water – making patterns of the dots that gets in your eyes when watching a sunset – Marina Abramovic – imagine the history and travels of an object – stop-motion animation – doing things in slow-motion – screaming – reading really old love letters – homemade and traditional costumes – mourning everything that got lost during the inquisition – bells – edible flowers – sitting on a roof smoking pipe – inflatable animals – being thankful – zapatistas – feminism – learning a language – thinking about the definition of reality – teaching – mountains higher than the clouds – electromagnetic spectrum – giving – collective visions – silent parties”

How do you connect with your poetic self?