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The helping hand

Try to ask your hand how it feels holding something you know very well. 

Is there anything particular that comes to your mind? 

The door knob? Sliding your hand through the grass in summer? 

Think about all the things you have held and let go of. 

Think of the pain and pleasure your hands have inflicted. 

Have you ever held a gun? Have you pulled the trigger? How did that feel? 

Have you smashed a wriggling fish against the rocks of the shore to get something to eat? 

Or do you let others do that for you? 

And what about the velvet, the velour, the silk? Have you rubbed it between your fingers? 

Held it against your chin to cool you of on a hot summer day? 

Think about the things that your hands can do to yourself and others. 

Is there any pleasure you would like to share? Any pain you would like to get rid of? 

Now carefully select from the objects on the tray.

Let me be your canvas. 

Let me be your helping hand. 


– The Hand