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The Invitation

The following is an extract of my application letter for The Sister. Now I have got my second chance. A seed has been planted and is sprouting vibrantly from all of the attention, awareness and consciousness. I am grateful for the potential and possibility of my function as an Evoker and furthermore it seems that this function is simply made for my Poetic Self, which I now with the greatest pride and pleasure can announce has been baptized: The Invitation

“…Recently I found an old, white t-shirt with some red on the back, a machine-written letter from someone I once met called Skyggen and a small, smooth white seed. I was a participant at Sisters Academy #1 as a student from Flow on the Island of Funen. You might remember me by my white eyelashes and even wider smiles, my residing of Nelson Mandela one early morning at a gathering or the fact that I really lost myself to the project; to a point where The Sisters was offering my two friends and me the opportunity to manifest our own Poetic Selves. When I got the opportunity I had an instant and strong reaction. For me there was so much energy and potency to this possibility I simply panicked. I felt frightened as fuck –pardon my French- and that was how I knew that I had to do it: there was so much at stake, so much to gain and it was not fright I felt, it was excitement. But I never did manifest my Poetic Self. After all I did not get the chance and I have mourned it ever since. Now I get my second chance.  

I am a young lady of 24 years, who recently decided to abandon my sensible university plans in favor of an expensive education in sexology and therapy. I did this because I realized that even though I wanted to want to go to university and even though I wanted that plan to work for me –as it apparently does for everyone else???- it just did not; to me. And I had to realize this, because I long ago realized that people are different, their stories are different, their worlds and universes are different from mine, their perceptions and associations are different and therefor everyone’s points of view, conditions and circumstances are different. And what a blessing: we are all different and imperfect and that is really the only thing we have in common. Now imagine if we lived in a world where we were willing to accept and appreciate that fact. A society wherein we created enough space to include and accommodate everyone and all of that; where it were appreciated as a great gift that you are exactly here on this planet now with everything you are to do exactly what you do in the exact way that you do it. Where you would never be judged or get shamed for being too much or too little or just being you, but instead you were invited and encouraged to be and share, live, learn, love as the colossal contribution that is and you being you are. This is Sisters Academy to me. That is how I perceive the work we are doing. And that is what I want to be a part of and last but not least; inspire others to become a part of. It is also why I choose my education outside of society; because I need to learn not only by thinking, but by feeling as well. By touching and tasting, seeing, smelling, hearing and beyond I stimulate and activate all of my awareness. Why limit my awareness when I learn? Why not be willing to do whatever it takes? How come it is so damn difficult to rhyme education with being grounded and present enough to dedicate and share yourself, let yourself go, being open and passionate, curious and creative and have fun? The time has come for a paradigm shift. I firmly feel that a chance is a-coming. It is as if we as a society are slowly distancing ourselves from the analytical and aggressive, solid and stoic, hard and thrusting masculine essence and relating to the feminine. It is not the way, we used to do it, but why not ask questions? Why not dare being, receiving, embracing, intuition, allowance, affection, vulnerability, sensitivity, transformation, creation, care, letting go, flow, freedom etc.? Unfortunately this does not resonate with everyone. Some will call the above soft and silly or far worse. Not everyone is ready for a paradigm shift like this one, not everyone dares to stop judging themselves and start loving themselves instead and that is why I decided that the best way to manifest this change is to be brave and bold enough to be it myself. I cannot force anything on anyone, but I can show others that they have another possibility by being the possibility myself and that is exactly what I intent to do; inside and outside of Sisters Academy.

My greatest experience comes from life. I have lived. It has hurt. I am experienced at life. Due to my story I am an incredibly sensitive and strong human being, who struggle to love and not judge myself and who find it challenging to be present with all that I am. This is why I still se the manifestation of my Poetic Self as such an amazing opportunity to express that of my potential in your Sensuous Society, which is usually not appreciated and welcome in our current, common society…”