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Now the curtain will soon rise and we will enter Sisters Academy, which will be replacing Nova Academy for two weeks. It feels very exciting at the same time as I feel a bit nervous.. What will happen, how will the students react, will I find a way to include my poetic self, will I find ways to teach in a more sensous way, will The New Staff be included in my teaching etc?

My poetic self is The Watch. This includes both time and structure.. I sometimes feel that time flies.. Life is short, and our time on this small planet should count. Time is all we have, and we all have the same amount.. At the same time, time is really of no importance.. If you only think of time and what you should do with it, planning for tomorrow, for your future.. Then you might forget to live your life as you wish to live it, just now, today.. Carpe diem.

I also like structure, and at the same time flexibility… as Gry put it ”flowing structure”! I like to keep track of things, to make to-do-lists, to be involved in many different projects.. On the other hand, I like to be flexible and spontaneous, I like to interact with others and together form common goals.

I’m really looking forward to this project and sincerely hope that this will be an experience that will be a memory for life, which will give us all new thoughts – and personally I hope to learn more about how to teach in ways that appeal more to our senses. I hope to get new experiences and insights, both as a teacher and personally.

I’m a teacher in English and PE. In PE we will work with mental training, combined with strategies to relax and find a less stressful life. We will have yoga in the Grand Hall, and another activity (concerning mental training) in Earth. We might also work with the area of body ideals in our society and within different sports.

In English we will work a lot with strategies for interaction, and practicing speaking English. This is a great goal since the language will be English during the Take over!

I would be happy to work with The New Staff! I hope to get in touch with you and please feel welcome to contact me if you find any of this interesting and have ideas on how to inspire our students (and me!) within these areas. I am looking forward to a rewarding exchange during these two weeks!

See you soon!
Linda Månsson