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Wa(l)king Copenhagen

As a response to the current state of the world, Metropolis has invited 100 artists to create 100 walks through Copenhagen for 100 days – as a journal from a city where our everyday lives have been changes radically. Every artist will walk for 12 hours, and once an hour the artist will do a live-stream.

We are very honored to have been invited to walk on the 2nd of May from 6-18. Read more here and follow us live on Facebook every hour.

Can we take this chance to build a new world instead of just repairing the one falling apart? What was before was, and is, a crisis, and isn’t this our chance to move beyond economic rationality into a healthier societal paradigm…?

As Naomi Klein reminds us: “If there’s one thing history teaches us, it’s that moments of shock are profoundly volatile: We either lose a whole lot of ground – or we win progressive victories that seemed impossible just a few weeks earlier. This is NO time to lose our nerve.”

On this walk, The Sister will engage in these questions by allowing her body to absorb the world as it is right now, and she will meet performers from Sisters Hope to co-explore with along the way. The online streaming will primarily be during these meetings. Featuring: Her Porcelain Spirit, Ekko and The Link.