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while the fingers dance upon the letters it begins

This is it, it has begun. A new day in school. It’s not the first, it’s not the last, it is only one beginning. A break of dawn and soon there will be new days at The School, and it will unravel.

Just taste those words, a new old beginning. As we start over and over and over again some starts are different. It could feel like an end, the end of the beginning that we overcome. How do you overcome a beginning? The easiest part is the beginning of an story; when you enrich a silver line, print those thoughts into words for just that golden start, that vivid push. But when the start ends and you are on the edge of stepping into the body, you might stumble, and that’s when you can turn cold. You can freeze. How many beginnings have we started and how many ends did we end? You always remember the punch line, but do we really walk that walk whilst we talk that talk?

This is the start of something, this might also be the end of something and it just might be this exact now. So tonight is when the fingers dance upon the letters, tonight is when the commence is briefly touched and set aside and tonight is when I sigh.