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Author: The Asteroid


This summer, we will present our expansive performance piece and format Sensuous City. In this manifestation, we will explore the city of a Sensuous Society through poetic 24-hour walks. In contrast to the idea of ​​the large, noisy, alienating metropolis, we will bring you in contact with the things close to us, the tactile and the aesthetic dimension of the capital. The walks will be facilitated by Sisters Hope’s performers such as…

Our artistic director Gry Worre Hallberg has submitted her PhD dissertation

Our artistic director, Gry Worre Hallberg, has just submitted her PhD dissertation: Sensuous Society – Carving the path towards a sustainable future through aesthetic inhabitation stimulating ecologic connectedness. In the PhD it is argued that, in order to move towards a more sustainable future, we must stimulate a deep understanding and sense of the connectedness of everything, which can happen precisely when we are not just visiting, or temporarily participating in, but instead…