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Author: Staff, Sisters Academy

After Words

Dearest goodbye We talked in lines and moved between them   Collecting what we had we walked around it   Gifts of ideas all matter words naming the future more than anything else   Nothing Something Everything   We move around covered tangled laughing comes finally   No one Someone Everyone   Somebody said, when you are with someone you love, you don’t have to think so much you think…

Be Like A Strong Tree That Can Not Be Moved

What is my method? To Be Like a Strong Tree that Can Not Be Moved. When I feel afraid and get nervous – I will not Move. When I want to run away – I will not Move. When I feel sad – I will not Move. When I feel anxiety – I will not Move. When The FUCK FACE fill up my mind – I will not Move. I…

FUCK FACE of The UnTaMed

I am always behind I am not prepared enough I cannot take it easy I want to be special – but I am not I am overthinking it I am not good enough I am not beautiful enough I am not smart enough I am too weak I am thinking to much I think too much about myself And I am not funny enough I am not strong enough They…

Before Words

Hello Love move moved move air word air body movement together movements words separate move words together air word the movement building what what language open mouth air language belief beliefs               patterns          emotions         thoughts something poetic self collective movement Love Dramaturg

Sounds swirls around us

Sounds swirls around us, tongues of silence speaks of love, breathing, heavy, calm, teardrops falling in tin-bowls, silent sobbing, sand sliding through fingers and hands, firewood cracks open, red and green stars, the dust is descending inside these walls, condensed thoughts, lumps in throats, eyelashes clashing, hanging birch-wood-branches, spirits memories dreams symbiotic songs from the grapes on the hedges, fire burning wild – wanting to reach out- wanting to touch,…