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Sisters Academy #1 – Denmark

2014       The first ever manifestation of Sisters Academy was at and in collaboration with HF & VUC, FYN, FLOW, in Odense (DK). In this pioneer-manifestation we initiated the Takeover-format. More information.

Performance Sense Laboratory

Sisters Hope (DK) is one of the four international performance groups exploring and activating the initimate and sensuous in the so-called Performance Sense Laboratory at this year’s Roskilde festival. For full credit list for Performance Sense Laboratory see here. More pictures: Performance Sense Laboratory – Roskilde Festival 2014 at Sisters Hope Flickr. Photos by Diana Lindhardt.   Performance Sense Laboratory The performance-program of Roskilde Festival 2014 focuses on how to…

VOINA (RU) and Sisters Hope joins forces

[halfcolumn] We, Sisters Hope, was invited to dine with VOINA (RU) 27.6.13 – Only challenge was: No-one leaves the table before you succeed in constructing a mutually beneficial and rebellious plan, which can be put into practice immediately after dinner. Your plan has to result in a street-action that positively enriches Danish culture and meets the criteria of both art group’s visionary goal! We are still processing the night and…

Sensuous society & The Poetic Revolution

Our voice represents a crack.  Our argument is that something new is happening. Something that we term Sensuous society. To make sense of that we have to visit another argument  – The argument that one dimension of being and being together has been under prioritized since the Industrialization. This dimension, which has now been under prioritized for more than 2 centuries, is the aesthetic dimension. By aesthetic I do not…