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Sisters Academy in:


The Municipality of Copenhagen and the sisters

The Poetic Revolution

Stranger: Who are you Coco and Coca Pebber The Sisters: We are the twin sisters appearing in your dreams, enchanting the streets on which you walk, picking you like an apple from a tree that you courageously climbed, keeping you safe and warm like the heat in your mother’s womb. Stranger: Sweet like honey. Kisses Coco and Coca. The Sisters: If you see any lost children and youngsters searching confusedly…


[halfcolumn] [/halfcolumn] [halfcolumn] Under a name that hides her and a veil that covers her, she is the profoundly obscure point toward which art and desire, death and night, seem to tend.’ – dear Blanchot, I’m turning and turning, but she always disappears, help me unveil her, or is she the Eurydice that only our memory can bring to life again? [/halfcolumn]


Sisters Hope – Hibernation Foto: Julie Johansen.


Sisters Hope performing the Cleansing Foto: Julie Johansen