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The world of sisteres academy.

In two weeks i have been sensing tasting and talking a driftnet language. it have been a derney worth to try a derney where you have trust your self and to bee brave, becurese you have to be open, and you have to say yes to a lot of streans thinks, and that can be scary for a lot of peapole, I have been lucky becurese I am one of the “theatre guys´´ so to say yes and give me a 100 procent have been essay.
I have foundt tree words which I learned something about in sisters academy
Control – “Danelse´´ – beautiful

In the sisters academy my head became clearer and I learned how to see my feelings from an outside perspective to literally grab the felling and say “hallo felling´´ and accept that right now this feeling is rolling right now. To open up and accept the feeling on that way you can control them. Mindfulness help me whit that we

To use your senses, is to feel your self and when you feel your self you can decide what’s important fore you, you see the drifens between you and others and i think that is a good start on “danelse´´

I like being in ore world more than I like being in the sisters academy, not that I don’t like being in there, but using my senses in that sensitive universe made my eyes seeing the little beautiful things in the world.