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Poetic self emerging from chocolate

Roots tree eagleShaman ritual
Reading about forest gardens and roots while eating super dark ecological chocolate. How politically correct does it get? These guys in the article want to heal the earth – no less – with natural Band-Aids, which preserve the carbon in the ground and let the roots intertwine. I feel taken back to the days when we were vegetarians for the sake of Nature, were idealists with a firm belief in saving the environment. That was before we bought a car, before we moved into the big house, before we bought 5 (or is it 6?) computers to keep us entertained and free from contemplating the overwhelming mega-dilemmas of the world. The article reminds me of certain Native American tribes who did not want to cultivate the earth, because it meant ploughing and thus stabbing their beloved Mother Earth. There’s the link again with the Native Americans, like the talisman and beads in bracelets and the Shamanic poetic self. I wonder if I can become a 20-year-old idealist with the playful and irresponsible mind of a twelve-year-old, the soul and experience of an 80-year-old wise medicine woman in the body of a 41-year-old? Can it pave the way for the students to get in touch – and stay in touch – with their ideals, learn for a reason, spark their curiosity? How many of them will not be able to afford a white shirt and black trousers? Will that take away the focus? Will we be able to understand the potentially strange world of the performers? The time of the project is getting near, there are so many practical things to do before we start; and at the same time, I can hardly wait. What if it works and they shine and learn at the same time? Hmm…there’s the playful 12-year-old, anyway. The 41-year-old body I can deliver, too. I can even vaguely remember the 20-year-old idealist, but I’m not sure about the old wise woman….