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Provoke the teachers!

Written 5 or 6 March.

(I hope you understand my writing errors)


— We need to change the way our kids learn!

A full day school would help, our kids´ can´t compet whit the world!


First of all, why? Why is it so, so important to compete? I know this is my own agenda and I will try to leave that out to give room for The Real Deal!

LEARNING, that´s what everyone is interested in. but when people start speaking about it, it sound as they talk of some spice in a forien land or that boring course in cooperation that their boss got them to go on because he is too afraid to take the front, to lead, to be a boss.

What is wrong whit you? When was the last time you learned something. NO it was not on that course. it was not. You just learn that learning isn´t, go to school listen at the teacher and then it stops when you leave school. how did you learn to use the internet, was that at school, whit your teacher saying: “hmm, its okay but you still don´t master the Youtube that well, you always forget to set on better quality, you really need to focus on that before the exams”


Learning is when some nice person shows you how to flip a pancake in the air. Then you got at new skill, you learned something. It is not something weird it´s a very, natural, human thing. If we were waiting for the teacher to show you how to coke food you would starve and die.

You don´t do that. Someone says: “if you smash an egg on a hot pan it tastes good” you try, it does that someone was then your teacher at coking, why did you take the advice?

You trust the person, he/she seemed like a nice person.


Why all is this important for sisters academy?

well, isn´t this projekt about learning in a more powerful way?


If so, lets start at the one point i think that have bin overseen.

the teachers/masters part why do we belevi him?  he knows something that i NEED to know.

thats half of it but then comes the other part, he/she is a nice person, someone you trust!


i know most teachers are nice persons, but they got to show there students that. how shoud their students els find trust in them if the dont show them self only stand as a pouster, only are there as the role, teacher and first becomes peter when they go home?


okay, okay some teacher are relly good the are persons in their classes, good job!

stil some improvments, see your students as the persons they are!


now you are fun to have classe whit and your studenst like you! enjoy!

But, her as the critic student is am, how annoying, i will ask you: why are you teaching? why is it importen? There must be some reason, or at leat you must have thought of something when you chose to be a teacher? Let that flame burn, make it so important that it´s no longer a job, it´s a passion to teache ! you see these young people that you can, and have the responsebilety to strongen and make smarter. to develop!

You give them a possepbilety develop! see how big, importent and beiteful your job is!

and take this intensety and keep it whit you in every classe!


And if you one day lose this reason why you teach, stop, stop at that moment an consider if you stil shall be a teacher, if you still think at you carry the responebilety of 30 peoples development!

That is how big your respondebilety is!

30 peoples development is what you have in you hands in every 90 min. class!


Hope i helpt and be the change you want to see!