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Sisters Academy #6 – The Boarding School is over

Sisters Academy #6 – The Boarding School at Den Frie has now come to an end.

‘A salute for the future’
Dear children
Of poetry and beauty
Born directly into a world of
Mythical creatures and mystical sounds.
We all have hopes for your future fairs.
Now, don’t perceive them as expectations.
We won’t burden you with that. But let us only blow
a little life into the fire of hope.
For a moment.
Some old advice:

– Never believe a soul who tells you that chaos has died. If chaos by any chance comes your way take a deep breath and rest tight there for a while.
– Believe in the good in every soul. And even if they fail your trust, be there to help them move on. 
– Don’t be afraid of big or deep emotions. On the contrary, dance on top of blushing love, drink and get drunk from your own tears of sorrow. Take it all in. 
– Don’t fear a cliché, because the cliché was born from all the people feeling exactly how you did. 
– Never forget your love for the trees. If it wasn’t for them, there would be no future for any of us. 
– Always exercise your heart’s questions.
– Never fake love.
– Get to know your parents before it’s too late.
– Ask questions. Endless.

The Nursery
Diary, Ekko