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Sisters at Art Copenhagen

We were invited to manifest at the largest Scandinavian art fair Art Copenhagen. Meet us as Sisters searching for meaning and the possibility and potential of sensuous, poetic and aesthetic encounters in the white cube.

We were in the cube:

19.09.2014: 16 – 18 hours
20.09.2014: 15 – 17 hours
21.09.2014: 15 – 17 hours

We were interviewed about our artistic visions in a performative staging all three days by journalist of Arterritory Jacob Stubbe Østergaard. The hours of the interview were:

19.09.2014: 17.30 hours
20.09.2014: 16.00 hours
21.09.2014: 15.30 hours

We called the piece Sisters searching.

Sisters searching performers: Gry Worre Hallberg (The Sister), Denis Rivin (Skyggen), Marie-Louise Werner (Protector of the Archive)
Sisters searching photography: Diana Lindhardt (The I)
Sisters searching set-design: Rhoda Ting and Connor Parks (The Hands)
Sisters searching sound-design: Ulf Rathjen Kring Hansen (The Ear)
Sisters searching support: Bo Eggert Dahl (The Gardener)
Sisters searching sister assistance: Nana Senderovitz (The Link)

Art Copenhagen. Sisters searching. Impressions from The Reporter

Jacob Stubbe Østergaard,

“Hand grabs hand. Skin feels skin. Brain intertwines with brain. Eye sees eye. For one individual in this crowd of art fair guests, the daze has been shattered. A new reality erupts. The Big Bang of the touch of hands.Within seconds, the new universe and all its galaxies and planets is all there is. The Sister draws the chosen one through the smoke and into the red room. The rabbit hole.

For The Sister of Sisters Hope, this is a chance to extract a dream from the subject and add it to her archive. In her cubic universe of smoke and red velvet, suspended in the vacuum of the vast art fair, she is collecting dreams for the future of art.

The subject is dipping his feather pen in the ink and his pool of dreams. He puts it to the paper. Then he picks up the paper and hands it over to The Sister. Then he is let out into the former world.

For three days at Art Copenhagen, Sisters Hope turned spectators into participants. In a world of price tags, they made a bulging profit of dreams. The archive is growing. Time is coming.”

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photos: Sisters Academy staff The I, diana lindhardt

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