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Three words

Three words – it is all it takes to describe what Sisters Academy was for me, what it did to me and why i find it very important!



Word 3. CALM

Why these words? Keep Reading.



I have in two weeks been inter-activated and learning in a different environment than usually, a very different environment. It was infected by the staff and the sisters that were very sensitive, vulnerable and conscious it made the Academy to a very giving, but demanding place. The place and the staff WAS a lot with other words they was very absents. The vulnerability the staff showed was a huge trust in me and all of my class mats and that trust can be frightening because then you think you are to blame if something went bad for some of the staff but they did not expect that they just showed them self on a much deeper level than we are used to experience in your Modern Western society.


This intense experience questioned something about myself how I live and made me ask if this society I am living in is the best option. I have to ask myself about those questions because I meet these people that lived differently they was fully living in the moment so that time no longer had a relevant, you/they did what you was about to do with all of your awareness not thinking about the past or future. This present-ness really pleased me and made me feel calm, for the first time in my life experiencing a place where the essence in life was living, being, feeling. For these people the goal I like was to be and feel, nearly every person I have meet op until the Sisters Academy, have been stressing around having job, drinking, eating, gaming, hade some kind of drug to keep them for really feel life, being afraid of their live and tried to rush live through, most people have some addiction to keep their thoughts on anything else than live, the only thing I our live that actually matters!
So I got a very nice provocation, but still disturbing as provocations are. Provocations they are a view of something that could be better in your life that until the provocation, have had some safe environment. Don’t be angry on provocation, that anger is only your own fear of change, the fear of something that was okay, going bad, instead of god.
If you see the opportunities in provocations they are very giving!


As a kind of told before this calm, the lack of fear for the future therefore the loss of reason for time and without time you can´t be stressed. Calm. This I experienced, this showed me a much more pleasant presence that I would love to adopt form the staff members, they all had this loss of time some more than others but all more than me, it could me because they had 2 weeks where they had one specific task and there for no stress in reaching some goal. This calm is just nearly impossible to reach whit in our modern technological and competitive society.

So again what I and the world need is some provocation from some person that don’t just, without thinking adapt the stressed normality. Someone that dare be different to show me and you how the world could be and how that would affect you and I.

So what I got out of sisters academy? Some provocation, what I hope to give whit this post?
—————————————————————–____PROVOcation…..————————-did I get some?