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Sisters Academy in:


Sisters Academy, Greenland


The Sister. Sisters Academy #2, Greenland by Sisters Hope / photo: I diana lindhardt

The Greenlandic manifestation of Sisters Academy unfolded in collaboration with Nuuk Art Museum as part of The North Atlantic Cluster at PSi #21.

For full credit list for Sisters Academy #, Greenland see here.


Se more images from the process:
Sisters Hope in Greenland, PSi#21, Sisters Academy # at Sisters Hope Flickr.

Se more film from the process

Sisters Hope in Greenland.

Sisters Hope arrived in Greenland.


Where: Nuuk, Greenland
When: 15-21 June, 2015
Local collaborators: Nuuk Art Museum, Katuaq, Hans Lynge School
Telematic collaborators: Rammatik, Copenhagen University, ITU, Roskilde University, Pantopia
Telematic platform: A gallery space at Nuuk Art Museum turned into a telematic classroom

Fluid States North
PSi #19 – Performances of UnKnowing:

Download the program in Nuuk as pdf.

PSi participation: Call for Participation available here. Call for Participation flyer available here.

Fluid States North involved telematic connections between Thorshavn, Copenhagen and Nuuk. It provided a platform for telematic interaction with the three other events: Pantopia Telematic Encounters in Faroe Islands, Fluid States – Solid Food in Copenhagen, and Fluid Sounds in Copenhagen.
Radio: Sisters Academy #2 Ullaarngani Tusakkat Greenland National Radio KNR 19/6 2015



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