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Poetic self emerging from chocolate

Reading about forest gardens and roots while eating super dark ecological chocolate. How politically correct does it get? These guys in the article want to heal the earth – no less – with natural Band-Aids, which preserve the carbon in the ground and let the roots intertwine. I feel taken back to the days when we were vegetarians for the sake of Nature, were idealists with a firm belief in…

The power of silence…

….and chocolate!

Dogmas for FLOW 12X’s genre project (subject:English)

Here’s what I plan to present the students with before we start. I will sprint them in large letters, put them in a frame and hang them on the wall. 1. You must have a purpose with what you write. 2. You must write from your heart but use your head. 3. You must be true to the genre in which you write. 4. You must publish what you write…


The Sisters of Math and M&M rituals

The Sisters of Math are planning a quest of several tasks and challenges within the theme of growth. That particular theme is a focus of criticism when used in terms of economical growth as a paradigm in society. We want to expand the theme and explore it in terms of other areas. The students will measure the growth of grass, the decreasing oscillation of a pendulum and the chance of…