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Sisters Academy in Poland

We have initiated an inspirational dialogue with the very interesting Polish organization fundacja bęc zmiana which have amongst other manifested in this article. Polish manifestation is one of the aims of our correspondence.

Intentional Art in NYC – The Triangle Project and Sisters Hope

Sisters Hope will co-launch the concept ‘Intentional Art’ in NYC in a few weeks with amongst other Nicollette Ramirez, Daniel Pinchbeck, Ann-Sofie Nielsen Gremaud, Katherine Jánszky Michaelsen, Noah Fischer. As part of The Triangle Project facilitated by Jacob Fuglsang Mikkelsen More info here.

Swedish Sisters Academy in collaboration with Inkonst

It has been agreed! Sisters Hope will manifest Sisters Academy in Sweden in close collaboration with the highly progressive art institution Inkonst, Malmö. Sisters Academy will first manifest as an interactive, immersive and interventionist performance-installation where participants can sign up as students at the boarding school of a Sensuous society manifest at Inkonst. In the process we will also be in close dialogue with the educational and political environment in…

Sisters Hope meet VOINA (RU)

Last summer Sisters Hope was invited to dine with the Russian art activists VOINA at the infamous Poonchai restaurant – Only challenge was – No-one leaves the table before a mutually beneficial and rebellious plan had been constructed. A plan which can be put into practice immediately after dinner. The plan had to result in a street-action that positively enriches Danish culture and meets the criteria of both art group’s…

Observations of The I #3 The first Academy has ended

“I observed the Sisters Academy #1. And what a ride, what beauty blossoms – and luckily its ending is only and firmly the beginning. The waves are echoing in the landscapes of education, culture, societal development – and the movement continues… Already new sights unfold…and the seat-lings are blooming. They were brave! I hope they remember to continue living it.” See Observations of The I #1 and #2.