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Sisters Hope taking part in the panel Deltagerinvolverende scenekunst

Sisters Hope took part in the panel ‘Deltagerinvolverende scenekunst’ at Aarhus University, sharing our perspectives on participation and interaction. See video here.

Sisters Academy, Sweden

Sisters Academy in Sweden in collaboration with Inkonst will be realized large-scale and fall in two parts thanks to a generous fond from First part will manifest as a Sisters Academy – The Boarding school of a sensuous society – an immersive, interactive and durational performance-installation at Inkonst in September 2015 where everyone can sign up as students, potentially become teachers or substitute teachers, researchers- and artists-in-residence. The second part is for…

Sisters at Art Copenhagen

We were invited to manifest at the largest Scandinavian art fair Art Copenhagen. Meet us as Sisters searching for meaning and the possibility and potential of sensuous, poetic and aesthetic encounters in the white cube. We were in the cube: 19.09.2014: 16 – 18 hours 20.09.2014: 15 – 17 hours 21.09.2014: 15 – 17 hours We were interviewed about our artistic visions in a performative staging all three days by…

Sisters Academy, Rijeka

We will be traveling to Rijeka, Croatia tomorrow to represent The North Atlantic Cluster, PSi #19 at the Zooming Fluid States festival. PSi (Performance Performance Studies @ NYU International) will be our collaborators for the Sisters Academy (the school of a Sensuous society), Greenland manifestation by Sisters Hope, June 2015. PSi #19 will happen all over the world and in Rijeka we will be surronded by amongst other JAPAN –…

Sisters Academy, Greenland

Sisters Academy, Greenland as part of PSi #19 Sisters Hope has been invited to manifest a Sisters Academy in Nuuk, Greenland, as part of  The North Atlantic Cluster at PSi #19 When Sisters Academy manifests in Greenland it will be as a part of Fluid States North within the overall framework of PSi #19 – Performances of UnKnowing: Performances of UnKnowing, a decentralized conference which – instead of inviting participants to…