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Sisters Academy #01 Touch of Preparations

We are in the midst of preparations for the manifestation of the first Sisters Academy in a series of more over the course of 2014-2015. 500 shirts printed for the students and the teachers at HF & VUC, FYN, FLOW by the daily leader Gitte Bruss Albrecthsen. Images from the touch of preperations at The Gardeners and The Sisters – Sisters Academy #01 in no more than a week –…

Sisters Academy as part of PSi #19

Sisters Hope has been invited to manifest a Sisters Academy in Nuuk, Greenland, as part of the The North Atlantic Cluster at PSi #19 Code: pantopia

New article out on Sisters Academy

Article on Sisters Academy unfolded in a dialogue between Ass. Prof. Ida Krøgholt, Arts, AAU. Read the article here  and an extended selection of articles on the work of Sisters Hope here.

Where the first Sisters Academy will manifest

Where the first Sisters Academy will manifest! Inspirational dialogues and training with the teacher’s off the school all of week 51, 2013! Can’t wait. They visisions and ideas floating are marvelous!

The Normalcy Week Beckomberga – Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

Presented at the Normalcy week, Beckomberga, Royal Institute of Arts, Stockholm this week. Sisters Academy in Stockholm in-spe – exciting!