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My experience

It was a very slow learning method and you had a certain mode that was affected by the staff members.
Sisters Academy was a really wired experience, this abnormal universe that was created by two sisters who thought and believed in a more sensuous way of learning. There was music or some sort of sound in every single class room which could be very disturbing at least for me. I personally don’t like the old tradition school at all, but at Flow it’s nothing like that. You can feel the teachers commitment to the students that they actually care about you and care for your future. Not even in primary school it’s the old tradition school. We are living in 2014 our eyes is already opened for other teaching methods, I know that myself since my mom is a primary school teacher and I can hear from her how teaching is today. I personally think that Sisters Academy is 15-20 years too late, a lot of the teaching they used, is already used in the Danish schools around the country.
It was very difficult for me as a more cognitive thinking person; suddenly you had to taste the poems by using food? How did the poems really taste like, or dancing around like a maniac to feel the poem. Not something completely new since we are already at a more creative school “Flow” but still a lot of new impressions.
The atmosphere around the school was very “dark”, a lot of the rooms were not lighted up that much, or had a special colour for example green or blue. Some of the windows were closed with black curtains. It made you feel more tired and at the same time the teaching was very slow because you had to feel your emotions and try to find your senses, which didn’t work for me at all but overall a nice and fun experience.