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My feelings about Sisters Academy

In the weeks of Sisters Academy we explored the different ways of learning, through a very sensuously and esthetic way. There were a lot of different oppinions about this way of learning, some didn’t get a shit out of it, and some others really extended their horizon and learned a lot both in school and about more existential issues. In my oppinion both things are equally important! I think the most essential thing to get out of this experiment, is to show respect and concideration for each others differences. And to do that, we need to chance some things in our school system. I feel like we need to be more newthinking, to follow with the development of the World and to be at the forefront of the future. With the industrialization a lot of the natural creativeity of the human being desappeared, we need to get that back. To do that, I think we should start in the schools. We have to see every student as an individual and give them the possibility to explore and learn the way they do best. I know that would require many more ressources, but were would it make more sense than to those who are responsible for our future?