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My opinion about sisters academy.

Sisters academy is a special place, a special way of learning. This Is how I experienced, this very different universe.

When I first walked into this universe, I was a day late. I had been ill, so all of my classmates had already experienced some of the universe and could tell me a lot about it.
I attended the morning assemble and boy was that weird! I felt like I had been thrown into to some kind of  “I don’t even know “situation. It was all very confusing to me, I didn’t really see the point of it all, but non-the less, I found it quite interesting and intriguing. There was a lot of new things to take in, all at once. There wasn’t any normal lighting; there were different smells everywhere and a lot different “art” at various places. All of these different sensory inputs made me feel a bit sick, to be honest. I think my senses might have been challenged too much or just as confused as I was.

When all of that is said, after I got use to the whole atmosphere and everything, I found it quite relaxing. I never really got used to the whole “different colour lighting in every room”- thing though.
It was nice to feel like, you could just be you, and you didn’t have to impress anyone. If you had any kind of problems you could just go to the performers, who was all so nice. If your back was hurting, you could go to medicine woman, if your mind was hurting you could go to the shape shifter or if anything else was hurting, you could go to one of the others. I found that quite comforting. I did like all of the performers, except for the sisters themselves. I have to say I never really talked to them, so can’t judge them all that well. However, I found them quite pretentious. I felt like, they felt like, they were too good for us. They were so over the top and so theatrical with everything they did, that it really annoyed me at the end.

But I do also really admire the sisters for their passion for this project, for getting the idea to this universe and for actually creating and living out this wonderful universe.

I loved how, if you needed some peace, you could go to the grand hall and relax, I did that quite often, to be honest, or if you needed someone you could talk to, you could go to the gardener or the twins or someone else.

The educational part of this project, didn’t really work out, or at least that’s what I think. I didn’t learn anything better by tasting something or by dancing. In my world, a poem doesn’t have a taste as such. Of course you can taste the words, but it doesn’t have a literal taste. From a educational perspective, I feel like I’ve wasted two weeks but from a personal perspective I have gained a lot.

So at the end of the day, it was a wonderful universe to experience, but I am also glad it was only for a limited period of time.