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Sisters Hope in Iceland

As part of our preparations for Sisters Academy #4, Iceland we are conducting a course at Iceland Academy of Arts, Arts Education.

The Sisters sees it as their most significant task to inspire the rise of a new paradigm. They wish to replace fear and dejection with force of action and dreams for the future. To see the possibilities in the breakdown – The ending of an era creating the opportunity for transformation and redefinition, the birth of something new and, hopefully, more viable. Hence they have formed Sisters Academy, in which they train the teaching staff and later on the entire school in a performative poetic otherworldly universe, within which new values are developed, tested and manifested during the unfolding in this immersive, unheimliche and otherworldly space.

The course will be framed as a three day workshop providing a fundamental understanding of the relatively new tendency of fictionally and poetically framed interactive, immersive and interventionist performance-installation-work. Furthermore an insight into the educational and pedagogical methods behind this practice will be presented through a full-scale performance-manifestation by and with Sisters Hope. 

Sisters Hope operate in the intersection of performance art, research, activism and educational developement. They are working proactively toward manifesting a more sensuous and poetic educational system. Sisters Hope is a performance-group with a large group of associated international performers. In the sensuous performance-universe they embody The Sisters and poetic selves such as The Untamed, Flow, The Mechanic, The I, The Shape-shifter, The Gardener and the list goes on and on (also see 

Students at the course might be invited to manifest with us as we take over the leadership of Myndlistaskólinn in the fall of 2016. Thus this course is also the initiation of the Icelandic manifestation of Sisters Academy – a large-scale Nordic performance- and educational project running between 2014 – 2018.