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Artistic quality on sustainable terms?

Sisters Hope is taking part and presenting on this webinar organized by the Danish Art Foundation. 

At the webinar, you can experience one of the greatest theater directors of our time, Katie Mitchell, who has worked with sustainability for many years and has directed several of her international performances online. You can also meet the internationally renowned artist Danh Vo, who will talk about his collaboration with ART 2030 and Nivaagaard's Painting Collection on the project 'A garden for various ecologies. Gry Worre Hallberg, founder of the renowned performance group Sisters Hope, will talk about how aesthetics can carve the way to a more sustainable future, and performance artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen will be responsible for an artistic feature with sustainability in focus. The webinar concludes with Phie Ambo, chairman of the board of the Statens Kunstfond, who unveils how the foundation will work with sustainability in the future.

More info can be found here