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Author: Visting, Sisters Academy #4 at Myndlistaskólinn, Reykjavík, Iceland

Water Plays – A poetico-phenomenological study of human/seawater interaction as recorded by human subjects through five levels of facial submersion

Feels Like Home – A poetico-phenomenological scale of human/water interaction as recorded by human subjects through six levels of immersion

Level 1. A single drop of water applied to forehead. Tickling. Feel dry. Body wants more of the water. Like a plant or a meadow feels when it hasn’t rained in a long time. Level 2. Five to ten drops of water gently rained on face. At ease and empty. Cut with a knife – blood coming down face. Warm, slow, resistant – gradually absorbed by the skin. Eyes backward…

Touched by post-disconnection connectedness

  Parting evokes loneliness, evokes sadness. I embrace you, sadness. I get immersed in you. And after a while.. I feel the love, which you are a sure indication for. More tears. With a smile.  

The Algae Experiment

    (image)   (text) This is a land where only wild birds live. I strongly imagine you doing something big; the land holds itself. Maybe you should ask nature what she thinks about an image with your body? We have to invent a new language to communicate with other species. Can you please guide me? You don’t know which creature you become.   (sources ) – not particularly in…