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Feels Like Home – A poetico-phenomenological scale of human/water interaction as recorded by human subjects through six levels of immersion

Level 1. A single drop of water applied to forehead. Tickling. Feel dry. Body wants more of the water. Like a plant or a meadow feels when it hasn’t rained in a long time. Level 2. Five to ten drops of water gently rained on face. At ease and empty. Cut with a knife – blood coming down face. Warm, slow, resistant – gradually absorbed by the skin. Eyes backward into a darkness. Level 3. A handful of water dispensed on face. The water plays. Serene. 2000 years ago getting baptized in some desert. Level 4. A beautiful ceramic bowl of water poured over face. Like being with father as a child. Branches of water trying to grasp all of her. Afraid of opening eyes. It is not my face anymore. Level 5. Full facial submersion. Water like clay. Water in between body and soul. This void where one could disappear to and hear nothing. A perfect place if you wanted to hide. Level 6. Face down floating. Feels like being dead but still good. Air bubbles escaping the nose are like drops of water running upwards. Feels like home.