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Author: Visiting, Sisters Academy #3, The Takover at Nova Academy, Simrishamn, Sweden

Writing as the Body

Dear everyone, During the six months that have gone by since our joint immersion into the sensuous and poetic, I have worked on a text about The Mongrels participation as visiting researcher. I felt that our experiences, experiments and interactions with staff and students was so significant that it deserved to be written down. The original idea was a short article, albeit with philosophical and lyrical tendencies. That’s not what…


Time has passed. Time passes. So does space. So does the material. Phenomena move in and out of spacetimematter. Or spacetimematter move in and out of phenomena. What is a set design in one spacetimematter is lesson plan in another. What is an initial ritual in one spacetimematter is ”Quiet please!” in another. A cap is also a power structure. A red carpet simultaneously cozy and threatening. White is innocent and death. Black…

The image of the hanged man

Performance in non-traditional spaces often brings practitioners and spectators rather brutally into contact with issues of authority and power(…) The municipal authorities in the 20th century are no more benign than their counterparts in earlier times, and many examples could be given of avant-garde performance groups being closed down, not through overt censorship, but through application of building regulations or safety codes. What was produced was not a body of…