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Writing as the Body

Dear everyone,

During the six months that have gone by since our joint immersion into the sensuous and poetic, I have worked on a text about The Mongrels participation as visiting researcher. I felt that our experiences, experiments and interactions with staff and students was so significant that it deserved to be written down. The original idea was a short article, albeit with philosophical and lyrical tendencies. That’s not what happened. The outcome is a rather long report and reflection on the poetic meditations – the experimental form of writing as sensuous transcendence – that we explored with a number of curious and courageous students.

The report is available as an exposition at The Research Catalogue (database for artistic research) – here:

The text a sort of crossbreed between personal report, philosophical essay and poetic research. In this way, the report is itself an aesthetic experiment.

In the exposition the notebooks that we used on our poetic stick is also available as pdf-scans. The exposition is still in progress, so feel free to send me feedback.

Big thanks to Sisters Hope for having us in Simrishamn and thanks to everyone: new staff, old staff and students, with whom we shared exciting, funny, strange, developing, challenging – and ultimately, poetic – moments.

Lots of love,

The Mongrel.