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packing my bag for the academy…

Packing my bag for the Sisters Academy manifestation at Den Frie, I am reminded of my first visit to the Academy in Malmö a couple of years ago. Then it was packing for the unknown, this time it is like packing for a known unknown… I have different questions and ideas about the Academy… Last time it was like a school for being creative which was so refreshing. I am…

her porcelain spirit

her spirit is worked in to the clay that will help the body to be grounded and stay stabil on the earth….the clay can calm the nervsystem and help the mind to set down and accept the situation as it is. what happens when you start a repetetiv work with the porcelain that can bring your body in to a state of harmony? will we become part of the cirkel…

Mystery of Being with Jakob la Cour

© Still from video by Salig ( Courtesy of Studio la Cour ( I’m an artist in residency and my practice is for mystical explorers seeking a deeper experience of life. Close your eyes. Feel the wind. Open your mouth. Taste the air. Let a light shine bright from your chest – feel your mystical being. Do not turn your eyes away from the mystical. Expand past consensual limitations of…


We shape our self to fit this world and by the world are shaped again. The visible and the invisible working together in common cause, to produce the miraculous. I am thinking of the way the intangible air passed at speed round a shaped wing easily holds our weight. So may we, in this life trust to those elements we have yet to see or imagine, and look for the…

The Visiting Handicraft 19/9 – 23/9