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Sisters Academy in:


Sisters Academy day #4 Confession Booth

Sisters Academy day #3 Confession Booth

An apt painting


Mrs. Davis’ students were very special. They were told they were special on a daily basis. Their parents told them. The other teachers told them (as they should). Television presenters reminded them of just how special they were. The adverts in between the television programs they endlessly watched reminded them every 15 minutes of just how special they were and how they could use that individuality and ipseity to gain…

The first day

  A haze of steam shimmered and shone as it climbed it way from the morning grass toward the  warmth of the sun. It was an excellent way for children to clean their feet; cooling their soles as the as they walked on what felt like the softest and greenest of porcupines. Spring was dawning after the longest of winters. Long, dark horizons leered day and night over the landscape…