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In my classes I want to explore subjects that I never had in school. Subject I was missing with out knowing it – before I meet my Sister. She ask me: “If you where to decide which classes would you have had in your school time?”

I brought the question with me and wandered. For a long time I ask myself that question. What did I miss in my school time? And then another question came: ”what would be the most valuable thing I could have learned during my school time?”.
One night it became very clear to me.

The most important thing I could have learned in school was; how to trust in life.
When I trust in life, I trust myself and then I trust in people. From that point I am able to meet and see and listen to people and the world and what life want me to do – and be with whatever is there. Everything becomes perfect in all its imperfection.
So my three classes will reflect this insight from three different approaches.

I will together with my students explore trust through asking and discover philosophical questions, through physical exploration and with stillness.
The first class is called: Philosophical communication

In this class we use verbal communication as our tool for understanding.
I want to discover; how can we as a group talk with one voice. How can we be more interested in going somewhere together instead of just arguing and hearing what we already know?
This class is a laboratory on how to develop the way we discuss and communicate in a more sensuous and playful way.


The second class is a Gravity class.

We will in this class discover how to build physical trust together as a group. The question I am interested in exploring with my students are: When do we become the one as a group? How can we let go of ourselves and start to feel everyone in the group?
This class is a laboratory where we examine gravity as something that holds us down and back from life. But maybe gravity is also the energy that enables us to fly and let go and come together.
How can we use gravity to build trust?


The third class is called: Nothing

In this class we will discover what happens when we take all movements and words away – when we do nothing? The question that inspires me to do this class is: When we do nothing – do we become no one?
In this class we will examine our own individual identity pattern. What are the thoughts, feelings and emotions that make us unique as a person – and where do they come from?

– I look forward to meet you and to discover trust.


The Untamed