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Her Porcelain Spirit – Sister of Silk

To melt in to the silence and sensual space together…….. Let our bodies communicate through the clay and nature…… The Clay will guide the body and we will feel the healing energy from the earth….. The nature will support our process and we will create a feeling of deep connections….. The church is important and life and death is present in those days…… Slow we will move our hands and…

to find mermaid in the woods

                                              I am walking hip to hip with my queen. ‘Look’ – I say – ‘the mermaid is in a crown of a tree’                  


I have never excisted, yet I have a body I am not here, yet you feel me, heavily. Like a scent that stays in the nostrils. I am a fluid, transcending in every step. I walk backwards, always one step ahead. I transform, I am what you want me to be Once I was a child, in many ways I still am. In many ways I have never been a…

We Who Ask

I had a dream the other night about a stone talking to me. I was at a beach with a lot of stones. I picked up one, and it asked me “what species are you?”. (not with words, but anyways, like talking) I was surprised, but the stone explained that it was the first time it had an encounter with something like me. It had encountered many species and spirits…

Vivid eyes

Dearest poetic pure minds of the sun Like looking at the same moon  me me me me massage your solar plexus now with me . I’ve read that choosing the unknown is always the right choice , even if it doesn’t appear to give the best result . I think it’s because the result remain somewhat in the unknown co co co co courage  In a thousand years  we are…