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Alone together meetings

Dear students of the sun All of you can meet me here but at different times . I would like to meet The Rose and The Mouse first at · infinity air crescent moon and the other at · infinity infinity . ( The Mouse : if you have your Goddess dress ( only the fabric ) or some of it , please bring it with you ) The Tide…

Sun unions with Dramaturg

Dear students in the sun I’m looking forward , feeling upwards to seeing you very soon I’m so excited it’s hard to contain in my body . I’m longing to see and get lost in your eyes , but I’ll try to save it for a special moment . I hope you don’t feel my covered eyes as a distance between us . I’m seeking the intimacy in the bodily…

Her Porcelain Spirit

A moment of silence, breath eye contact, clay contact.. Two magic days… The Tide helped me to cray The rose show me the master in transformation The Spreding fires aura was so blue The Mouse enter the bathroom with all the complex energi from the outside and left the room calm and more grounded. The Goddess asked me about the moon, the moon is Augustine, Augustine is my guide to…

Sing, dance, Resist- Renew

So many layers of reality co-exist in this world We have met, even if we haven’t been able to touch each other bodies. We have been whispering and screaming at each other ears, even without feeling the warmth of our breath. We have had taken a look into a secret of each one heart, through the eyes, through the words, the silence, remembering the smell of the fire flames, the…

The Ocean of Forking Paths

                      the (w)Hole