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the (w)Hole Union Us

I feel there’s the (w)Hole universe encapsulated in gifts received from you and through you…














water Drops,


dancing lady (Sun)Death, 

Journey in a little bottle…


Evening after, Sister asked me what the most transformative experience was? Well, dear Sister, it was our Union rituals of shadow&light: one by one, air by air, each poetic self witnessed by or “clashing” with other poetic selves.


*) (w)Hole‘s longing for ‘attraction being a deep river’ (thank you, ‘Here&Now’, I love that expression you coined). And (w)Hole’s fire rush to be seen in.

**) Flame seducing and scaring with power voice. Oh, how I wanted to turn to you. But if I had, would I have given myself an opportunity to experience your despair that was so precious in a non-attractive way. You cherish bravery in others…and you are brave.

***) burial of Sad Dancer. She looked soo changed and beautiful when she decided to come back!

****) bringing an embodied, collective Drop to the deep question of that love mechanism! : dance of giving and receiving in the point of contact. And tipping the balance to painful extremes

*****) entangling herself in a spider web. All eyes on her … ‘thread’-swords Woven in many more than only 2 directions, actually.

******) taking on a Journey of surrendering to others’ commands. I saw something in him: the most attractive, powerful weapon lied in enjoyment of and immersion in a role you’re playing in people’s lives.


And to all the observers:

your eyes and empathetic hearts on what you’ve witnessed, how you felt on your own skin those people immersed in centrum – this expanded the whole experience to multiple dimensions!



Beginnings are important.


a hole…in the wall

I’ll leave now. But I will come back.