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Time holes




I am watching you still after you’ve emptied the Sun.

Let’s begin from where we left us.


One circle on your own before you receive your blessing.  Underlayer is red.  So is Sun.  and Fire Bird.



touch or pain or both






sensuality and rage are part of the same Moon.

walking backwards, always one step ahead.

clean your hands, dress me up, then I’ll sound-intitiate you so you’re fully tuned in home



you ask me to put pressure on you, you ask me to limit your space and bind your movements downwards.

You want to grow!

I wonder sometimes, how did it feel when for a short moment we lifted you – together with your dark roots – up in the sky…



I see a creature. (S)he listens to us to the bottoms.

He protects.

With help of his internal Queen and external King.



I have seen Blue fire. There exists volcanos that accumulate energy until they burst with blue flames.

Colors and temperatures of your own fires, Phoenix, make me curious.

in and out of duality



stories make us, I hear from you.

your story became also a bit mine, you know.

It’s not stealing, it’s becoming…














Time to approach your Queen again




I want you to fill my holes, yes, but wait!

Remember? Time Holes not filled pre-maturely will peel off layers, on bottoms of which the Key lies.



the (w)Hole