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What is important to learn?


What is a boarding school?

I think it is somewhere you go if you what to learn something

What do I have to learn in that school?

What is important to learn?

What is learning anyways?

How can someone ells then me decided for me – what I have to learn?

I think that someone is wiser then me – is that called a teacher?

I am excited to meet the teachers.

I am excited to go to the boarding school.

Now i know what i want to learn.

I want to learn something I didn´t know that I needed to learn.

Is that possible?

I do not know…

You have to be very open.

Open for something you have not seen before, or felt before or smelled before.

I dont know how i do that.

You will find out when you meet the evokers.

– just close your eyes and breath.