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A wolf cries to the moon

Hey you. I am dancing with the sense of who you are. You are living as memories under my skin, but in this writing moment, I have no idea in what corner of my flesh or bones you are hiding or breathing from. I know that you are there, but I do not know how far we must go together to find you and become one. Become one again. But…

Reflect Ricochet

Approaching through the surface, diving through countless layers of fraudulence in search for something that feels truthful. In search for the intimate. I wish to offer guidance in physical presence. I wish to create the moment when the specific image of the innermost emerges and dissolves with the constant and flows with the current. Within the frame of our skin the expansion begins, transpires like sap through the pores, associates with the perishable and transcend into the shape and shadow of…



What is important to learn?

  What is a boarding school? I think it is somewhere you go if you what to learn something What do I have to learn in that school? What is important to learn? What is learning anyways? How can someone ells then me decided for me – what I have to learn? I think that someone is wiser then me – is that called a teacher? I am excited to…

I have fallen in love with someone who hides inside you.

”In the life of a plant this principle shows itself most conspiciously where the green leaf is hightend into the flower. While progressing from leaf to flower the plant undergoes a decisive ebb in its vitality. Compared with the leaf, the flower is a dying organ. This dying, however, is a kind we may aptly call a ”dying into being”. Life in its mere vegatative form is here seen withdrawing…