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the (w)Hole Union Us

I feel there’s the (w)Hole universe encapsulated in gifts received from you and through you…                         Sword-Weaver, water Drops, Flame-voice, dancing lady (Sun)Death,  Journey in a little bottle…   Evening after, Sister asked me what the most transformative experience was? Well, dear Sister, it was our Union rituals of shadow&light: one by one, air by air, each poetic self…

morning of Domestification


my fingers, crawling forward out of the hand like melty worms show me where to put them I come with the tide leaving everything behind walls of the apartment confined spaces my own space the spaces of my body inside out look at my tongue, my throat, it’s red as the interior of shops on valelentines day love blinking heart-shaped lights Close your eyes my language thick with meditations now…

shyness and shame freezes me. this place that made me feel so strongly connected and wondrous is now an open doorway ahead of me. i am very excited and very afraid. what am i dong? all i know is that i am EXTREMELY sensous and curious.  and i long.. i want to stop waiting for the future. i want to engage the senses in a world in which the sense…